Are you bored in your current job?

Do you feel that you're going through the motions?

Do you feel that you’re up for a bigger game in life?

Do you dream of starting your own business and being your own boss?

Do you feel stuck, confused and don't know how or where to start from?

If your answer is YES then you Came To the right place.


Hi and welcome!

I'm Carole. If you're visiting this page you must be wondering who I am? 

I’m an entrepreneur-at-heart, in other terms an eternal student of life.

Before I’d even graduated from university, I was working as a sound engineer at one of the best post production houses in the Middle East.

By 25, I was managing a million dollar recording studio and also lecturing in my field at two of the top universities in Beirut.

A year later, I co-founded the first audio production school of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa region: Middle East Audio Suite

In 2009, I changed direction to consolidate my interests in business and graduated with an Executive MBA. Being one of the three youngest graduates that year at the Ecole Superieure des Affaires, I started my own bed and breakfast business

In 2012, I moved to Sydney and ventured into the world of e-learning and entrepreneurship. Since then, I’ve developed various online courses as well as trained hundreds of successful entrepreneurs in different parts of the world.

Today, I work with the entrepreneur-at-heart who want to :

 Develop a strong mindset

 Be their own boss and start their own business

 Lead and live a life they love

Here’s what I’ve learnt about being a successful entrepreneur:

  • What matters is the journey not the destination
  • There’s no such thing as an overnight success
  • The most important thing you invest in is yourself
  • Learning is a never-ending process.

My promise to you

I'll show you how to create a mindset for success to live a life with a purpose that inspires you and the people around you. I'll work with you to build products that stand out and attract your dream clients. There is no one-size-fits-all. Together, we'll create a personal blueprint to attract success into all aspects of your life and your business.


  • you’re bored and going through the motions in your current job 
  • you've always dreamt of being your own boss and starting your own business 
  • you know you’re up for a bigger game in life
  • you feel stuck, confused and don't know how or where to start.


Are you in Sydney? 

Join us at the Sydney Entrepreneurship Meetup group!

What you'll hear through the grapevine

Charlotte H.

Charlotte H.

Before working with Carole, the thought of starting my own business seemed almost impossible. I always lacked confidence and my motivation never lasted more than two weeks. Carole guided me through it all. She taught me how to turn an idea into a successful business. Now that I’m doing it on my own, all the thanks goes back to Carole.
— Charlotte H.
Information Technology Support

James W.

James W.

I entered coaching secretly dissatisfied in my career and ‘comfortably numb’ in my life path. Three months on I have left my job, a one-way flight to India booked, and am boldly pursuing my dream to create lasting social change. Carole has enabled me to stay off the course of relentless fears and personal doubts at every turn. I am now confidently stepping into the destiny I was born to live.
— James W.
Learning Designer

Rischelle B.

Rischelle B.

Carole excels at coaching. She is professional and exhibits steadfastness in pushing me to conquer my fears and barriers to success. I feel comfortable with Carole to be completely open and honest and deal with both personal and professional issues. If you're looking for a strong coach who is clear, concise and constructive, Carole is the coach for you.
— Rischelle B.
Personal Trainer

Emma P.

Emma P.

My sessions with Carole have been life-changing. I was highly stressed, unmotivated and dysfunctional yet leading a team for success. Carole was unrelentless in calling me out when needed, questioning my choice of language and ultimately holding me accountable. Today I approach each day with a positive outlook and feel empowered. If you want a lasting change in a professional environment, Carole is the coach for you.
— Emma P.
Operations Manager

George N.

George N.

Working with Carole gave me clarity. Carole helped me clear up which paths to take and what to prioritise. She also gave me tools and strategies to achieve the immediate goals that I could also take well into the business future. I am very grateful to Carole who got me on the right path to move my business forward.
— George N.
Trainer and Assessor

Thalie N.

Thalie N.

Carole has enabled me to have a clear view of the future and has equally taught me to take action with confidence. She has been amazing in guiding me to reach my utmost potential. Following the work we’ve done together, I’ve moved forward with assurance at an incredible pace.
— Thalie N.
Visual Effects Designer

Maya B.

Maya B.

It’s very easy to communicate with Carole. I love her smooth style and giving nature; she generously shares insights on challenges that I struggle with. Her sincere desire to push me to succeed in my new business initiative makes her, without a doubt, an excellent listener and a resourceful coach.
— Maya B.
Financial Consultant


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